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Agnes Scott Offers Three New COIL Courses for Spring 2022

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a rapidly growing learning format that connects U.S. students with peers and faculty around the world. COIL courses exemplify Agnes Scott’s SUMMIT goals for professional success: The courses enable students to build intercultural proficiency, communicative skills, and critical thinking while working on exciting interdisciplinary liberal arts projects in a global context. Thanks to support from the Stevens Initiative, Agnes Scott College has established a connection with Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates and with Al Akhwayn University in Morocco. For Spring 2022, Agnes Scott students can choose from the following lineup of COIL courses co-taught by Agnes Scott College and Zayed University or Al Akhwayn University faculty:

MUS 134: Telling Stories Through Sound and Words (Prof. Qiao Chen Solomon). ASC orchestra students will have the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning with Dr. Chrysavgi Papagianni and her students at Zayed University to explore the music-text relationship by analyzing stories from the past and setting them with appropriate music. One of the guiding questions will be how the musical representation of literature can be seen as a critical interpretation.  “Peter and Wolf” is a masterpiece that exemplifies the power of combining words and sounds in telling a story.  All in all, students will work together across different time zones to share the stories and gain a deeper understanding of how different media such as fiction and music can converge to support each other in the process of telling stories, creating meaning and  engaging in dialogue across cultures and times.  Students who are interested in joining ASC Community Orchestra please contact Professor Qiao Chen Solomon for audition information

FRE 243: French Fashion: Theory and Practice of Haute Couture (Prof. Julia Knowlton).

This course explores the history and origins of haute couture in France (18th century & prior) as well as the contemporary global fashion industry. It offers knowledge and insight into the world-wide, legendary influence of French designers Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, YSL, and others. Basic elements of fashion design and relationships between fashion and politics/war will be included. Students will engage in a critical examination of racism/racial identity and diversity issues in the fashion industry. The partnership with Zayed University will allow students to discuss these issues in an intercultural context and to broaden their understanding of how European/North American fashion concepts relate to Middle Eastern culture. The COIL component will focus on the power of storytelling in the context of international marketing and business.

ART 244/344: Digital Processes (Prof. Nell Ruby)

This COIL course provides students with an opportunity for cross-cultural connections through a team based project between two women’s colleges–one based in the United Arab Emirates, and one in the US. Students on two continents will work together to develop and produce an appropriate visual message to communicate effectively in another country. The project requires communication between students, as well as outreach beyond the classroom and into the UAC community, as project teams in Agnes Scott’s Digital Processes and Zayed University’s Business Communication courses investigate the images as a messaging device in real, emerging UAE companies.

POL/WS 3737: Middle East Politics & Societies (Prof. Mona Tajali)

This course introduces students to the major political and social developments of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) from the end of the Ottoman Empire (post-WWI) until today. With its interdisciplinary approach, this course analyzes key aspects of the postcolonial state, the emergence of civil society, the growth and development of social movements (particularly women’s and minority rights movements), and ongoing popular protest (i.e. the “Arab Spring”). The course includes a COIL element in which students partner with peers and faculty from Morocco’s Al Akhwayn University in a team-based virtual group project for a period in the semester.

Course times and schedules are listed on AscAgnes. All courses are taught in-person, ASC students will collaborate with Zayed U and Al Akhwayn students via synchronous and asynchronous online formats. Students can sign up for these courses through the regular course selection process.

Agnes Scott College’s COIL program is administered by the Center for Global Learning in collaboration with the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy.

U.S. Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021

On this October 11, 2021, traditionally called “Columbus Day” but also dedicated Indigenous Peoples Day by President Biden, Agnes Scott College’s Center for Global Learning stands in solidarity with native peoples across the globe to urge meaningful actions in support of indigenous communities everywhere.

Calling attention to the myriad of challenges that indigenous peoples face has become more important than ever in the context of climate heating. As tribal attorney and indigeneous leader Tara Houska recently mentioned at Agnes Scott College’s Women’s Global Leadership conference, Building a Better World: Women and Climate Justice, defending the rights of native communities is an urgent act of survival. Houska poignantly summarized what’s at stake:

Indigenous peoples around the globe hold 80% of all earth’s biodiversity, despite being just 5% of all human beings. We are fighting for what remains, everywhere. The earth is a relative, not a resource. My ancestors fought back, or I would not exist. I owe the next generation the same. We all do.

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Virtual Journeys (Post)Colonial Legacies Featured in “Diversity Abroad”

The Center for Global Learning is excited to share Dr. Philip Ojo’s essay, “‘Connecting Globally while Grounded at Home’: The ASC Experience” (pp. 38-40), which describes his innovative Journeys global immersion during the pandemic in March 2022. Dr. Ojo and the entire faculty team under the guidance of global learning faculty coordinator Dr. Regine Jackson created a powerful and rich series of virtual global immersions that connected students to a wide range of global sites, speakers, and cultural contexts. Congratulations to Dr. Ojo!

International Education Matters

Agnes Scott College’s Center for Global Learning applauds the recent affirmation of the role of international education and the importance of international students. As an institution that has welcomed international students for many years, we know about the transformative presence of students and scholars with different cultural backgrounds. Our global program would not be possible without the perspecives of community members who contribute aspects their life experiences, their worldviews, their languages, and their cultural experiences to shape the educational fabric of Agnes Scott College. The recent story about Aluel Deng Arou’s outlook on climate change and climate justice is a case in point: Alue’s experience is a crucial element of Agnes Scott’s upcoming conference Building a Better World: Women and Climate Justice.

Over the past year, the COVID pandemic has created significant challenges and barriers for international learning. Agnes Scott’s international community demonstrated resilience and endurance as students and faculty engaged with the situation and we are stronger for it. We look forward to a better year filled with new global opportunities and insights.

Read the full text of the statement here and watch Secretary Blinken’s opening remarks:

ASC Hosts Global Climate Justice Conference

The SUMMIT Center for Global Learning is excited about the upcoming Second Annual Women’s Global Leadership Conference (Sep 23-25, 2021), dedicated to Building a Better World: Women and Climate Justice. Sustainability, climate change, and climate justice are core elements of the SUMMIT global learning and leadership curriculum. The conference will serve as a forum to bring together activists, political leaders, and private sector representatives to discuss solutions to the climate crisis and emphasize the contributions that liberal arts learning can make for a more just world.

ASC students participate for free, follow the evolving program here and check out some of the exciting keynote speakers already confirmed:

Congratulations Global Scotties

International students form a core part of Agnes Scott’s global learning focus. They contribute their intercultural perspectives, their language expertise, and they model many different ways of global citizenship. At the Center for Global Learning we are grateful for the many wonderful moments with our international students and we would like to congratulate the following global Scotties:

Sofia Aladas – Graduated with a BA in Political Science and Economics

Hannah Brendell – Graduated with a BA in International Relations

Nicemode Charles – Graduated with a BA in Biochemistry and Economics

Hajar Harda – Graduated with a BA in Psychology 

Princesse Karemera – Graduated with a BA in Economics . 

Displaying AirBrush_20210427232015.jpg
Mihika Rao – Graduated with a BA in Astrophysics and Economics and was accepted with a full scholarship to the PhD program at the University of Virginia starting fall 2021. 

Ting Xue – Graduated with a BA in Physics

Weiyi Zhou – Graduated with a BA in Biology and minor in Chemistry and was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Please be in touch and let us celebrate your milestones with you!

Journeys Through My Eyes – Marine Ecosystems

We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing Katherine’s perspectives on Journeys 2021 #JourneysMarineEcosystems21

Katherine Blank ’23 shares her reflection on and her photos from her Journeys experience as a Schmidt Global Student Leader.

“It was a very interesting experience seeing the cultural differences in Belize and how they are trying to protect their environment for the future.”

Thank you for sharing your perspective and also for helping to lead this section of Journeys, Katherine!

For Journeys 21 Marine Ecosystems, we had the pleasure to work with Learn From Travel! Learn more about Learn From Travel on their website, linked here – Learn From Travel

Journeys Through My Eyes – Astronomy and Discovery

We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing Bria’s perspectives on Journeys 2021 #JourneysAstronomy&Discovery21

Bria King ’24 shares her reflection on and her photos from her Journeys experience.

“I really enjoyed the cultural and nature aspects of Journeys, specifically our Bomba dance workshop, Mofongo cooking workshop, and our meeting with the astronomy society from University of Central Florida! The business meetings were a bit tedious, but they were informative!”

Thank you so much for your reflection and photos, Bria!

For Journeys Astronomy & Discovery, we had the pleasure to work with Learn from Travel and Spanish Studies Abroad. Please find more information about Learn from Travel and Spanish Studies Abroad on their respective websites, linked here – Learn From Travel, Spanish Studies Abroad

Journeys Through My Eyes – Identity, Globalization, and Social Change

We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing a student perspective on Journeys 2021 #JourneysIdentityGlobalization21

Evie McGovern ’24 shares their reflection on and some photos from their Journeys experience.

“While this was not the Journeys trip we were expecting, I’m very grateful to my professor for doing her best to make it as immersive as possible. Our topic was “Identity, Globalization, and Social Change” and we focused on Bulgaria. Through Journeys, we were able to meet with women in Bulgaria and learn about their lives as Bulgarians and Europeans, but also to meet with people who immigrated to the US from Bulgaria and how that choice has affected their lives. It was really interesting to be able to examine the concepts of identity and globalization through both a European and American view and to see how different factors, such as Bulgaria’s recent EU membership or ongoing social change because of this, impact the way different Bulgarians feel about the country. We heard engaging stories about art and family from the people we talked to and got to learn about the incredibly rich history of Bulgaria and how its traditions are carried on today both there and in the US.”

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and your reflection, Evie!

For Journeys Identity, Globalization, and Social Change, we had the pleasure to work with Learn from Travel and Customized Educational Programs Abroad. Please find more information about Learn from Travel and CEPA on their respective websites, linked here – Learn From Travel, CEPA

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