When we started our hike on the west end trail of the beltline, the first thing our guide pointed out was the Phoenix rising sculpture. She explained the symbolism of the phoenix rising and its connection to Atlanta, as the city that was built from the ashes after the Great Fire. She made us realize how the beltline was another part of the rebuilding and improvement of Atlanta. When we started to make our way through the trail, we learned about the beltline’s function as a connection point for historic communities whether it be through the art that’s displayed by local artists or the scattered green spaces along the trails. The part that stuck out the most to me was the integration of community history as we veered deeper into the trail. There were many signs that indicated what community we were in and the history and culture of the residents. Getting to walk the beltline with fellow students and faculty, allowed us all to share a moment where we learned more about Atlanta and the communities within it and appreciate the vibrance, perseverance, and progress of local communities. 

Summary provided by Georga-Kay Whyte

November 6th, 2021

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