We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing Bria’s perspectives on Journeys 2021 #JourneysAstronomy&Discovery21

Bria King ’24 shares her reflection on and her photos from her Journeys experience.

“I really enjoyed the cultural and nature aspects of Journeys, specifically our Bomba dance workshop, Mofongo cooking workshop, and our meeting with the astronomy society from University of Central Florida! The business meetings were a bit tedious, but they were informative!”

Thank you so much for your reflection and photos, Bria!

For Journeys Astronomy & Discovery, we had the pleasure to work with Learn from Travel and Spanish Studies Abroad. Please find more information about Learn from Travel and Spanish Studies Abroad on their respective websites, linked here – Learn From Travel, Spanish Studies Abroad

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