Today, we continue our Journeys Through My Eyes series with Journeys 2021 #Industrialization21

Leila Reed ’24 shares her thoughts on her Journey section along with some photos below

“This virtual journeys trip helped me learn the cultures in both Manchester and Chicago through the various tours ranging from Liverpool to the Argonne National Lab. One day of the virtual experience we learned about the history of the different architecture styles found in Chicago which was my favorite zoom call because the tour guide was passionate about the topic. It was really interesting to learn where the architectural influences came from and which architect preferred which style.”

Thank you for sharing, Leila!

For Journeys Industrialization and Scientific Progress, we had the pleasure to work with Learn from Travel and Customized Educational Programs Abroad. Please find more information about Learn from Travel and CEPA on their respective websites, linked here – Learn From Travel, CEPA

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