We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing two student perspectives on Journeys 2021 #JourneysAfricanDiaspora21

Destiny Tisdale ’24 shares her reflection on her Journeys experience (and her photos!)

“I enjoyed the virtual experience a lot! It was great speaking to people that were all over the world! Of course I wish it could have been in person and zoom fatigue did occur, I think it was great to experience the virtual reality of the world!”

Thank you so much for your insight and wonderful photos, Destiny!

Hannah Savage ’24 also shared her experience and photos with us.

“I learned so many amazing things from my Journey’s week. It was such a blessing to be given the opportunity to interact with and learn about the history and culture of people who are literally in the same state as me. This experience has opened my eyes to so many interesting ideas and made me realize how truly beautiful and unique people can be.”

Thank you so much for your reflection and photos, Hannah!

For Journeys Marronage, Freedom, and Resistance in the African Diaspora, we had the pleasure to work with Learn from Travel and Education Travel Adventures. Please find more information about Learn from Travel and Education Travel Adventures on their respective websites, linked here – Learn From Travel, Education Travel Adventures

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