We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing a student perspective on Journeys 2021 #JourneysMusic21

Ja’Zmin A. McKeel ’24 shares her reflection on her Journeys experience (and her photos!)

“This experience was invaluable regardless of its virtual nature. I learned that being or becoming a global citizen is not just about the exploration of the unknown aspects of foreign places. However, it’s about exploring the unknown in your own backyard which leads you to gain an appreciation and understanding of the impressions that the unknown has made on your known.”

Thank you for sharing, Ja’Zmin! We love to hear how you’ve come to understand what it means to be a Global Citizen.

For Journeys Music, Art, and Community, we had the pleasure to work with Amizade and Education Travel Adventures. Please find more information about Amizade and Education Travel Adventures on their respective websites, linked here – Amizade, Education Travel Adventures

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