Are you still looking for a virtual credit-bearing global internship opportunity for this Summer? Advantage Award funding is available for a 6-week virtual global internship for a range of professional fields in multicultural environments. Deadline: May 22, 2020 — apply quickly!

Program cost:

  • no application fee
  • $1,250 for six-week internship (includes 3 academic credits)
  • Agnes Scott College Advantage Award funds available to eligible students

Provider: The Institute for American Universities with locations in France, Spain, and Morocco has decades of experience in these cultural regions.

Internship placements include and are not limited to the following areas:
     • Translation
     • Data Management & Data Creation
     • Digital Marketing
     • Marketing
     • International Sales
     • Social Media/Digital Communication
     • Web Development
     • Human Resource & Innovation
     • Community Management
     • Web Animation
     • Video Creation
     • Self-Design (placement developed based on student’s interests)

This experience is designed to immerse students in a multicultural professional space through virtual means. This hands-on internship experience is complemented by an academic component, which guides students through the experience and helps them strategically reflect on challenges, accomplishments, and personal and professional development. Students are intentionally placed in an internship based on interests and skillsets in organizations in France, Spain, and other European countries with the aim to build their professional network through industry-specific training.

Fluency in French or Spanish is not required, but students who would like to enhance their language proficiency will be able to find suitable internship placements.

Find more information and a link to the application here. (Please note: The 3-credit experience and the potential Advantage Award funding only apply to the “Virtual Global Internships” program, so please select the correct link during your application). Students interested in Advantage Award funding click here to learn about funding criteria and to apply. Please e-mail with any questions.

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