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ASC International Students Connect Internships and Study Abroad for Professional Success

Sweksha Sharma is currently interning at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as a Research Panel Coordinator in their Economic Research Department. She started the position in the summer of 2021 and continued it over the fall semester. Most of her work involves reaching out to business leaders to encourage them to participate in the Business Uncertainty Survey of the Atlanta Fed.

Sweksha said: “I get to talk to business owners and managers from all over the country which I really enjoy. This role has helped me understand the importance of survey work in economics and appreciate the role of the Federal Reserve System in the economy. My favorite part of the internship is being able to join in on economic briefings and forecasts where current issues are being discussed. It truly feels like I am at the center of economic decision-making! 

This internship has encouraged me to challenge myself and explore my interests. I am hence planning to study abroad next semester at the TIO University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. I am really looking forward to exploring the Netherlands and the rest of Europe while learning more about global markets, international relations, and my interests.”

Sweksha Sharma is currently a junior at ASC with a dual major in Mathematics-Economics and International Relations.

An International students internship experience with CDC through the Bevier program.

My name is Aluel Deng Arou (she/her/hers). I am a senior double majoring in Public Health and Biochemistry. This summer, I interned with the CDC  Bacterial Meningitis Laboratory under the Division of Bacterial Diseases where I assisted the team with testing the meningitis samples. I received this internship through the Bevier program, the public health internship program at Agnes Scott that places public health majors and minors into different internship sites. This internship experience taught me a lot of invaluable skills that I can apply in different work environments. The thing I enjoyed most about this internship is the supportive group dynamic that helped me thrive and grow in this position. Everyone prioritized my learning and made sure that I was getting the skills and experience I needed which helped me to develop my research and oral communication skill set.”

My summer abroad as an International student by Georga-Kay Whyte ’22

I studied abroad in Madrid Spain in June 2021. I took intermediate Spanish language and culture courses at Universidad Nebrija. During my study abroad experience, not only was I working on my language proficiency but I was able to immerse myself in Spanish culture by getting to visit prominent museums and landmarks including the Retiro Park, Prado Museum, and Plaza Mayor I was also able to explore neighboring cities in Spain including Toledo, Segovia, and Barcelona.  While I was in Spain, I was able to get an authentic experience by living with a host family and attending school with native Spanish speakers. The biggest takeaway from my experience was the importance of language in connecting with others. I was able to push myself to learn more than I ever did before because I realized that the more I knew the more I was able to connect with those around me.

ASC Welcomes Global Scotties

The Center For Global Learning extends a warm welcome to all new and returning Scotties and especially to those who joined us from outside the U.S. We are excited that 17 International and exchange students joined our global community this past week. Our global community members represent a wide range of countries and cultures, including:

Austria, Barbados, Belgium, China, France, Kenya, South Korea, Sint Maarten, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. 

Please help us welcome our Global Scotties when you see them in the classroom and around campus.


International Education Matters

Agnes Scott College’s Center for Global Learning applauds the recent affirmation of the role of international education and the importance of international students. As an institution that has welcomed international students for many years, we know about the transformative presence of students and scholars with different cultural backgrounds. Our global program would not be possible without the perspecives of community members who contribute aspects their life experiences, their worldviews, their languages, and their cultural experiences to shape the educational fabric of Agnes Scott College. The recent story about Aluel Deng Arou’s outlook on climate change and climate justice is a case in point: Alue’s experience is a crucial element of Agnes Scott’s upcoming conference Building a Better World: Women and Climate Justice.

Over the past year, the COVID pandemic has created significant challenges and barriers for international learning. Agnes Scott’s international community demonstrated resilience and endurance as students and faculty engaged with the situation and we are stronger for it. We look forward to a better year filled with new global opportunities and insights.

Read the full text of the statement here and watch Secretary Blinken’s opening remarks:

Congratulations Global Scotties

International students form a core part of Agnes Scott’s global learning focus. They contribute their intercultural perspectives, their language expertise, and they model many different ways of global citizenship. At the Center for Global Learning we are grateful for the many wonderful moments with our international students and we would like to congratulate the following global Scotties:

Sofia Aladas – Graduated with a BA in Political Science and Economics

Hannah Brendell – Graduated with a BA in International Relations

Nicemode Charles – Graduated with a BA in Biochemistry and Economics

Hajar Harda – Graduated with a BA in Psychology 

Princesse Karemera – Graduated with a BA in Economics . 

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Mihika Rao – Graduated with a BA in Astrophysics and Economics and was accepted with a full scholarship to the PhD program at the University of Virginia starting fall 2021. 

Ting Xue – Graduated with a BA in Physics

Weiyi Zhou – Graduated with a BA in Biology and minor in Chemistry and was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Please be in touch and let us celebrate your milestones with you!

Being an international student in the US during COVID 19 and how it affected me

In my country, babysitting is not a business, it is just an act of generosity and a gesture for genuine love. Mostly, young children in the family (little nephews, cousins, and sisters) are always at the forefront of this generous act. As one of the youngest children in the family, my mother has always lent me to my newlywed uncles to watch over their first children. However, this experience left me with separation anxiety issues. Part of it was that, when I was five, my mom gave me to my uncle to be watching over his newborn daughter. With me being a well-spoken 5 year-old, my uncle’s wife wasn’t aware that I was still young and incapable of performing hard chores like older babysitters. She could force me to watch over myself and punish me like an adult each time I failed to accomplish my chores. This made me feel neglected, unwanted, and forced me to reflect on how worst my life could be without a mother. Therefore, making separation from loved ones, helplessness, and inability to take charge of the situation my worst fears.

With covid19 pandemic, these feelings and memories are freshly back. Being unable to go home in this global crisis makes me afraid and anxious of what might happen to my family members. Also, with my older siblings grown with their own families and my little brother being out of the country, I could feel my mother’s anxiety and stress of being unable to protect her youngest son and daughter. However, I feel the exact opposite. I want to be her superwoman for once. To me, this is the time to reciprocate how my mother has been protective and caring. I want to be there to do grocery shopping for her, fetch water, and get anything she might need. Unfortunately, the fact that I can’t go home makes me feel useless because I am not there for people who need me the most.

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