We are excited to continue sharing our students’ perspectives on their Global Journeys this year. Today, we will be sharing a student perspective on Journeys 2021 #JourneysDiversity&Health21

Kayla Jones ’24 volunteered to share her experience with us today.

“My Journey’s experience was very empowering for many different reasons. It was a wonderful experience because even though I wasn’t able to physically travel, I was able to interact and learn from others who live in different countries. It was also amazing to learn new healing methods I hope to use one day. I am interested in public health so when learning more about the global disparities we face as a society it empowered me to bring awareness to this and one day be apart of the positive change I hope to see one day. Some healing methods I learned was a method that used an egg to get rid of head aches and bad energy. When you crack the egg you can see the bad energy leaving after a few cycles of cleansing your body of these energies. A photo that impacted me greatly and really pushed me to bring awareness was a photo of a man who passed away from Covid, covered up on a bench in the middle of the street, with a sign saying “I called 911 3 times”. This illustrated the inequities and disparities in health around the world.”

Thank you for sharing both your perspective and your photos, Kayla!

For Journeys Diversity & Health, we had the pleasure to work with Learn from Travel. Please find more information about Learn from Travel on its website, linked here – Learn From Travel

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